At Turbines, Inc., we understand the demands of cryogenic processes require the highest quality in equipment design and manufacture, and impose unique restrictions and wear on turbines. This is precisely why we provide specialized cryogenic equipment that sets itself apart with its reliability and accuracy.

Turbines, Inc.’s advanced technology has been validated for more than 40 years, and through continuous improvement in design, materials and manufacturing, increased accuracy and reliability is achieved. Turbines, Inc. can ship most orders within 24 hours. Our cryogenic products include:

TMC Series: Cryogenic Turbine Flow Meter
This line offers all stainless steel body, shaft and supports with a nickel rotor in line sizes. All Turbines, Inc. cryogenic meters come with a documented +/- 0.5% calibration, and temperature range of -450ºF to 450ºF. Up- and downstream flared transition piping with brass nuts and sleeves allows for an easy, gasket less direct seal with the AN flare turbine.

Cryogenic Totalizer: CDS1000
The CDS1000 Totalizer, designed and manufactured in the U.S.A specifically for cryogenic applications. Standard unit includes temperature compensation, Bluetooth or RS232 communication, pump protection - cool down and cavitation, cables, RTD and programmed to the customer's specifications. Hydrogen and LNG versions are explosion proof Class1 Div1 Group B,C,D with pressure and temperature compensation.

Bluetooth Printer: MZ320
Take advantage of the powerful Bluetooth feature our model CDS1000 has to offer and add our full-service wireless printer to your system.

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