CDS1000 – Cryogenic Flow Totalizer

  • Programmable 2-10 point flow meter linearization
  • Pump control based on product or pump housing temperature to protect pump seals
  • Optional pump protection based on monitoring pump discharge or differential pressure

The CDS1000 Cryogenic Flow Totalizer is a microcontroller based rate/totalizer that offers industry leading features that protect delivery system assets.


The CDS1000 Cryogenic Flow Totalizer is an effortless, field programmable complete delivery system that accurately computes and displays in real time flow parameters in digital and graphic format.

The features-rich CDS1000 includes temperature compensation for 10 products, pump temperature and pressure monitoring, a detail screen displaying current operating conditions and maintenance reminders. Additionally, both RS232 and Bluetooth forms of communication are standard.

The system operates seamlessly with our TMC Cryogenic flow meters to deliver proven results for low-temperature requirements. The CDS1000 monitor is front keypad programmable and allows for custom ticket setup, and linearization for enhanced metering accuracy.

The CDS1000 monitor can also be equipped with our handheld, wireless MZ320 Bluetooth Printer for effortless ticket printing.


Amplifier Input:
Frequency range: 0-2500 Hz
· 15mv RMS @ 10 Hz (min)
· 100mv RMS @ 500 Hz (min)
· 400mv RMS @ 2.5 KHz (min)
Impedance: Approx. 10k ohms
Noise immunity: High frequency roll off, FCO @ 2.5 KHz
Pickup coil failure detection: 500µA excitation to read coil resistance. 3250 ohms full scale.
Sensor Inputs:
Temperature probes: product and pump housing:
· 1000 ohm platinum 2 wire RTD probe; .00385Ω/ΩºC European din curve
Power: Continuous monitoring of main power, backup battery, & sensors.
Pressure transducer: 2 wire 4-20mA; loop excitation
Pump Control: (1) Form C 2A relay
Alarm: (1) Form C 2A relay
Communications: RS232 & Bluetooth
Indicators: Front panel LED’s Power (blue), Signal (white), Alarm (red)
Keypad: 16 button keypad, 4 softkeys (A, B, C, D), ON/OFF button. Oil resistant, sealed
240x128 full graphic LCD with back light
Auto LCD bias control, self-regulating non-sweating temperature activated heater
External: 9-26Vdc, self-resetting fuse
· 0.6A with heater OFF
· 1.6A with heater ON
· Transient protection
Internal: Rechargeable NiMH battery pack.
Maintains power for up to 10 seconds after power loss.
Typical service life - up to 5 years
Physical & Environmental:
Operating temperature: -25ºC to +50ºC
Humidity: 5-95% non-condensing
Sealed, shock vibration tested enclosure
Dimensions: 9.75(L) X 7.50 (H) X 3.75 (W)
Weight: 4 lbs
Miscellaneous: Real time clock with daylight savings time adjustment, dual 8 MHz CPU's, 1M Flash/64K RAM, Watchdog timer, 8 channel 12 bit Hi-speed ADC.
Buffered serial port, FIFO CPU communication.
System Integrity:
Built-in diagnostics for all hardware.
Power-on self test Constant system monitoring of inputs and sensors
Sensor Resolution:
· RTD - 0.04 ohms approx
· Loop- 0.006mA approx.
Math Processing:
Internal floating point (FP), 15 digits of precision.
Overall Error:
0.001% max (excludes uncertainty of temperature & pressure probe)
Power Management:
CPU extinguishes backlight when operating on internal battery.
Auto shutdown after 10 sec power loss

Support and Service

Our full-time, dedicated service group offers prompt reliable technical support services such as; evaluation, repair and recertification for flow meters including a competitor’s product. Onsite calibration services are performed by our experienced technicians proficient in using the latest test equipment.

If your application requires unique meter and instrumentation features our engineering team will design the appropriate custom equipment.

Our extensive inventory permits rapid shipment, typically within 24 hours, thus minimizing expensive down time.


ISO9001, AS9100, 3A, NIST, NTEP, CTEP, OIML R81/R117/MID, CSA, Intrinsic Safety and Canadian CRN


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