Turbine Flow Meters

Turbine Flow Meters

When you need turbine flow meters with field-tested reliability, accuracy, repeatability, and industry leading value, Turbines, Inc. is your one-stop-shop.

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Turbine Flow Meter

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Primary Flow Signal offers a full-service machining facility with state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, expert engineering, and stellar customer support.
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Turbine Flow Meters, Monitors, and Accessories

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Liquid Turbines

Industry leading liquid flow measurement turbines that come in a comprehensive variety of configurations and wide array of fluid compatibilities.

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Gaseous Turbines

Highly accurate, reliable, and efficient gas turbine meters to satisfy a wide range of industrial, commercial, refinery and aerospace markets.

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Low Flow Turbines

Optimized sensing abilities perfectly suited for a wide variety of low flow applications.

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Cryogenic Turbines

Our cryogenic meters meet the demands of the world’s leading liquefied gas producers by providing unparalleled quality, accuracy, service life and support.

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High-Accuracy Turbines

Built with extremely tight tolerances only achievable with our precision manufacturing processes and comprehensive quality control.

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Flow Monitors

Our line of flow monitors provide a rugged, durable, low cost solution ideal for the demands of field applications in need of reliable local output for instantaneous and total flow monitoring.

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Our Markets & Applications

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Oil & Gas

Engineered specifically to withstand harsh environments and rugged demands.

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Designed and manufactured for extreme low temperature applications.

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Food and Beverage

3A certified and proven to deliver superior performance in sanitary and sterile environments.

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Premium accuracy and repeatability and excellent long-term reliability.

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Custom Engineered Solutions

Design custom equipment for your challenging application.

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