Oil and Gas Flow Meters

Our customers in the oil and gas industry rely on our rugged and reliable oil and gas flow meters for mission-critical applications such as petroleum refineries and power generation facilities. Flow meters ensure your equipment is operating at the most cost-efficient levels.

Meters can help operators answer questions like “is it cost-effective,” and “what’s my return on investment?” That’s why our high-quality, high-reliability meters are sought after by customers worldwide. Furthermore, a flow meter’s repeatability function is just as important as its accuracy and reliability. Combustion air flow measurement in a boiler, for example, can be mission-critical.

At Turbine Inc., for example, our engineered flow meters are field-tested to ensure their reliability, accuracy and repeatability. At the same time, our meters deliver industry-leading value.

Additionally, depending on the industry, flow meters must comply with numerous regulations and compliance guidelines. Some utilities, for example, may require meters to have NSF-61, NSF-372 approvals or ISO 9001 certification. All Turbine Inc. oil and gas flow meters comply with these regulations and certifications.

Expertly engineered to withstand the conditions of rugged and volatile environments, Turbines, Inc.’s oil and gas flow meters are the ideal solution for applications requiring measurement integrity and long service life.

Delivering Working Pressures up to 15,000 PSIG

TI turbine flow meters can handle high working pressures up to 15,000 PSIG and deliver +/- 1.0% standard accuracy over the flow range. They consistently provide accurate measurements in a variety of applications, such as oilfields, natural gas, propane, methane, CO2, and many other liquids and gases such as hydrogen, which is one of our specialties.

Other applications include water injection, chemical injection, well-testing, production separators, disposal wells, hydraulic fracturing, liquid pipelines, natural gas pipelines, and pumping applications.

Oil and Gas Flow Meters

Available Retrofit Kits

Turbines, Inc. offers cost-effective retrofit replacement kits that can be easily installed to avoid time consuming delays. In addition, we offer factory refurbishment with a 5-day turnaround guarantee including freight, the retrofit kit, shop labor, and new calibrated k-factor.

The Turbines, Inc. Difference

We’ve been around since 1975 designing and manufacturing a broad spectrum of turbine flow meters for oil and gas, and industrial applications. Our American-made products are supported by a professional and experienced staff that can assist you in finding the optimum measurement solution for your application.

  • Most inventory shipped within 24 hours
  • Metering performance second to none; proven accuracy is +/- 1.0% over flow range
  • More than 35 years of in-house manufacturing and engineering expertise
  • Operate a fully-staffed R&D facility for continuous product improvement and new product development
  • Industry-leading customer service with more than 75% repeat business
  • Subsidiary of Primary Flow Signal, Inc. for strong financial strength, bankability, and leading technical, manufacturing, and application expertise.

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