Hydrogen and Turbine Flow Meters: Understanding the Connection

Founded in 1975, Turbines, Inc. has earned an industry-leading reputation for excellent quality, innovative engineering, price, delivery and outstanding customer service. Since Turbines inception, the principal goal is to provide a solid, efficient, and most importantly, an accurate measurement investment while also reducing the use of one resource that cannot be manufactured – time.

Turbine Flow Meters: Key to Hydrogen Measurement Accuracy

Turbines, Inc. manufactures from raw material. When coupled with in-house engineering, first article applications are welcome.

Hydrogen has been in the cryogenic inventory for decades as a specialty product. The industrial gasses market is rapidly expanding hydrogen production, transport and storage capacity to serve the planet’s unparalleled pursuit of green and carbon-free energy. Being a valuable commodity, accurate and efficient cryogenic measurement is a necessity.Turbines, Inc. has designed and developed hydrogen flow meter systems for both liquid and gaseous hydrogen measurement for the leading global and domestic cryogenic producers.