Exemplary service sets Turbines, Inc. apart from competitors, with full pre-sales consultation, a factory rebuilt program, and considerately supplying needed accessories like centering rings.

Pre-sales consultation

Take advantage of our technical knowledge and superior customer service even before you buy.  Our experts can help you select the ideal metering solutions for any application, including in-stock equipment as well as custom material selection and design.

Factory rebuild program

We provide full-service maintenance, calibration and rebuilding of turbine flow meters at very competitive prices. This includes working on other companies’ equipment, and custom-tailoring/upgrading meters to fit your application.

Centering rings

These are provided in HDPE for simplifying the installation of wafer style turbine flow meters by effectively centering the meters in the process piping.


We can supply a complete range of accessories for a typical installation. These include preamps, cabling and harnesses, and magnetic pickups.