Markets & Applications

With 45 years of manufacturing and flow measurement experience and approaching one million units successfully placed into operation, Turbines, Inc. provides the world’s most reliable flow meters for industries demanding applications.

The Turbines, Inc. Difference:

  • Inventory can often be shipped within 24 hours
  • Precision metering performance; proven accuracy +/‐ 0.5% or better
  • 45 years of in-house manufacturing and engineering expertise
  • Operate a fully-staffed R&D facility for continuous product improvement and new product development
  • Industry-leading customer service
  • Subsidiary of Primary Flow Signal, Inc. for strong financial strength and leading technical, manufacturing, and application expertise.

Oil & Gas

Applications include water injection, chemical injection, well-testing, production separators, disposal wells, hydraulic fracturing, and more.


Our cryogenic turbine meters have become the Industry standard product line, leading us to be recognized as a leader in application engineering.


Ideal for processing applications where tough equipment is necessary, especially high-volume and difficult conditions.


Our custom engineered aerospace products have been selected by NASA for rocket testing and special project applications at Stennis and Houston facilities.


We have provided fuel delivery and fuel management systems for the US Army and Air Force, made from specialized corrosion resistant materials.

Power Generation

Our products reliably withstand immense heat and pressure, meeting the stringent accuracy, pressure, and temperature demands of power plants.

Food & Beverage

Certified products for use in critical phase of food and beverage processing in alcohol, dairy, and beyond.


Special low flow meters offer precise blending for applications such as WFI (water for injection).


Turbines Incorporated offers meters manufactured specifically to meet the rigorous requirements of the DEF marketplace.


With meters that can measure flows down to .007 gpm Turbines Incorporated offers products that be used in a variety of automotive applications.


Complete line of turbines and monitors to service a broad range of industries. Easy integration for private label opportunities is offered.


Turbines Incorporated has been providing meters to agricultural customers since our inception in 1975. Our meters can be used for irrigation, aerial spraying, water transfer and some fertilizers.

Custom Engineered Solutions

Turbines, Inc. offers customers the ability to convert a fluid thought into a finished product in a timely manner. Our American made products are supported by a professional and experienced staff that can assist you in determining the optimum measurement solution for your application.